Robin Class

Years 1 and 2

Welcome to the Robins Class web page.

Robins Class currently consists of years 1 and 2 and is taught by Mr East

Miss Weir is the Robins Teaching Assistant.

Please note that Robins Class are taught by Mrs Alexander-Sinclair on Tuesdays and Mrs Beck on Wednesday afternoons.  Mr East is our Forest School Leader and he teaches at Morley on Tuesdays and takes Eagles Class for their Forest School session on Wednesday afternoons.  Mrs Weir, the class Teaching Assistant is with the class every day.


What difference does prayer make to the lives of Christians and Muslims

What do my senses tell me about the world of religion and belief

Science – Plants Knowlege Organiser

KS1 Athletics

KS1 Strike and Field









KS1 Art & Design – Georges Seurat

KS1 – Why does Easter matter to Christians

Robins Class -PE-Invasion-Games

Robins Class -PE-Dance



Robins Autumn term letter 2022-23

Robins Autumn 2022 Timetable

KS1 – Where did the universe come from

KS1 – How do festivals bring people together

KS1 Castles Knowledge Organiser

KS1 -Science-Materials-and-Their-Properties

KS1 -Science-Everyday-Materials-Knowledge-Organiser

KS1 Science Knowledge Organiser – Seasonal Changes

KS1 Running and Jumping

KS1 Throwing and Catching




Going for Gold – YEAR 1

Going for Gold – YEAR 2