School Uniform

All children are expected to wear a uniform 

• School sweatshirt, fleece or cardigan

• Grey trousers/shorts/skirt

• White polo shirt

• Plain socks (white / grey) or plain tights (grey or black)

• Checked school dress (any colour).

The school enjoys encouraging the children to have their own individuality and therefore offers sweatshirts, fleeces and cardigans in a variety of colours for the children to choose.


Sensible, flat plain shoes in black should be worn. (Velcro if your child cannot manage laces.)

P.E. Kit

A t-shirt in their house colour. Black shorts Trainers (velcro if your child cannot manage laces) Plain black tracksuit bottoms and sweatshirt
All items need to be in a named drawstring bag to be kept in school all the time.


Children will require a pair of wellington boots to be kept permanently in school.

Outdoor Education

(Reception, Year 1 and 2) Children will need a waterproof jacket and trousers, wellies, hats and gloves. It is also a requirement that children in Years R and 1 spend 50% of their time outdoors. Waterproof trousers would increase their comfort at these times.


(Year 3 upwards) One piece costume (no bikinis) for girls and trunks (no shorts) for boys
Swimming hat (cloth) Towel Goggles (optional)

Art & Design

Old shirt adjusted to be worn backwards with a loop for hanging it on a peg.
Sun Hat During the summer your child will need a sun hat that can be left in school at all times (irrespective of weather).


No necklaces etc. should be worn at school,  stud earrings (one stud in each ear) only and these should not be worn on PE and swimming days.


For safety reasons, long hair (girls and boys) should be tied back/held back by simple bands, clips or slides.

FOTS regularly organise clothing orders through Birds of Dereham, Alternatively clothing can be purchased through the Tesco website together with book bags and PE bags featuring the school logo.
It is essential that all clothing is labelled.